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MSPs can save you money

By April 15, 2022April 18th, 2022No Comments

Saving money is crucial to successful businesses, and MSPs can do that for you
Outsourcing has become an essential and somewhat common part of business operations, and for understandable reasons – it cuts business costs and takes advantage of inexpensive resources offshore. IT outsourcing can significantly increase revenues for your business through two areas that will be discussed in further detail: cost-efficient benefits and scalability control.

Cost-efficient benefits
When comparing having an MSP versus an in-house IT team, an MSP managing your IT infrastructure saves you a tremendous amount of money for your business. Without full-time IT team members on your payroll, you are able to cut costs that come with full-time employees, such as HR and training-related costs, 401(k) expenses, health insurance, and PTO. Having an in-house full-time IT employee team also requires ongoing management that most businesses are not equipped to do.

In addition, you can manage your IT budget better with set limits provided by your outsourced IT provider. When working with a managed service provider, you would have a service-level agreement with a service charge amount that is clear to both of you. This allows you to save money, especially in unexpected IT emergencies, because if an IT emergency were to occur and you did not have an MSP, you most likely will have to contact an IT specialist if your in-house IT team cannot handle the situation; this thereby incurs significant upcharges for emergency services.

Scalability control
With an MSP, you have the ability to scale your IT infrastructure up or down based on your business needs. For example, businesses like CPA firms and retail stores have busy and slow seasons in which you can increase your IT infrastructure or even scale down based on the workload of the season. This can all be done without the concern of hiring new IT employees and letting them go during downtimes.

Steven Truong

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