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Why Should a Dark Web Scan Be Your Next Cybersecurity Priority?

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Cybersecurity concerns are more common than ever because more and more people are working remotely online. As a result, more and more businesses and individuals are particularly interested in discovering how to prevent their data from being stolen and sold on the dark web.

A dark web scan is a service provided by companies that search the dark web on your behalf. This implies they will look through all the secret website URLs and discover any information or files stored on them.

This can be a helpful service if you want to find out more about a particular person or organization or if you’re looking for information unavailable online. It can also benefit investigations, security audits, and business research. However, there are several factors to consider before choosing a dark web scan company: its reputation, the level of detail it provides, and the price it charges. Choosing the right one is essential in ensuring your information remains safe and secure. Cybersecurity Services San Diego team will help you to safeguard all IT assets in your organization.

What Is Dark Web?

Similar to the surface net, the dark web has a variety of websites with forums, messaging services, online shops, and more. However, accessing these websites involves more than a simple Google search on a web browser.

The dark web is supported by darknets, which are internet-based overlay networks. However, you need to use specific security technologies that anonymize web traffic to access these shady websites. For example, you can browse dark personal websites and anonymize your online activities on public websites using a free program called Tor. These websites use Tor to conceal their servers’ location, and only Tor users may access them.

Although it is theoretically impossible to identify the servers hosting these websites and determine who visits them, security holes and improper setups occasionally make this possible.

How Does a Dark Web Scan Work?

A dark web scan is a computer process that helps you identify personal information that has been stolen and is currently being used by criminals. It works by scanning collections of stolen personal information, which is then Alerted if your data is found.

This scan can help you protect yourself from identity theft, financial fraud, and other crimes that could be perpetrated based on your stolen data. Knowing about the dark web scan and taking appropriate measures to protect yourself can minimize your chances of becoming a victim.

How Can You Know If Your Data Is on the Dark Web?

Do you want to know if any of your data is available on the dark web? A dark web scan, a service that searches shady websites to see if any of your information appears there, is one way to achieve this. However, due to the size of the dark web and the possibility of private trades between parties that they cannot access, these scans only look at the marketplaces that the firm conducting the scan is aware of.

You may also utilize dark web monitoring tools to verify if your information is on any shady websites continuously. If these monitoring services ever come across your data on the dark web, they will notify you immediately.

You can take action to secure your assets and network as soon as you become aware that your information is available on the dark web. If you’re unsure whether your information is on the dark web, keep in mind that the likelihood is high if it was obtained in a data breach. IT Services Irvine is your trusted source to deploy dark web monitoring at affordable rate.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Data Is on the Dark Web?

Upgrading Your Credentials

One of the first things you should do if you think one of your passwords has been discovered is to change it. By doing this, you may be able to stop the person who stole your password from accessing your account and stealing additional data or causing harm.
Make a brand-new password rather than modifying your existing one. Even though it’s not a good idea, if you have used the same password for several accounts, make sure to change them all. If the occurrence could impact more than one employee’s credentials, all employees should be asked to change their passwords and advised to follow best practices.

Examine Your Accounts

Examine all systems that may have been impacted for any odd activity following a suspected or confirmed event. You can manually check your accounts and utilize security tools to look for dangers and shady behavior. You might want to let your network security service provider know about the incident if you’re working with them so they can help make sure your network is secure. In addition, your cybersecurity service provider can assist you in eliminating a threat if you find one.

After you’ve checked your accounts, make sure to keep an eye out for any potential risks.

Close Compromised Cards

Contact your credit card provider or bank to cancel your current card and obtain a replacement if you discover that your credit or debit card information, whether it relates to a personal or business card, is on the dark web. Likewise, contact your bank to close the account and open a new one if the information about your bank account was compromised.

Report Fraudulent Activity

Report the suspected identity theft to your local police or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC will give you an identity theft report and a recovery plan if you report it online.

One of the most delicate things you can do if you think your social security number has been hacked is to freeze your credit report. Anyone, including you, is now prohibited from obtaining new credit or loans in your name. You can temporarily unfreeze your account to apply for new credit if you desire to do so. Freezing your records will not impact your credit score, current loans, credit card balances, or mortgages.

Reach Out to Cybersecurity Experts at I.T. Responsive to Arrange a Dark Web Scan

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that comes from thoroughly scanning the dark web when it comes to the dark web. A dark web scan will reveal what information is available on the dark web about you or your company. Contact our dependable team of IT security specialists that have experience surfing the dark web safely if you believe a dark web scan might benefit your company.

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